Introducing  Urban Solid

Italian street artist UrbanSolid is actually a team of two public artists collaborating on their craft. UrbanSolid creates three dimensional graffiti that provides social and political commentary in a fascinating and beautiful way. The hallmark of their work is a human face, ears, or brain inside of a television set or making reference to another aspect of our contemporary media immersed culture. UrbanSolid has introduced the innovation of reliefs to street painting.. The artists’ works demand the attention of passersby because they are physically extending off of the walls that they adorn.

Their Story

The two anonymous artists of UrbanSolid are graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts of Milan.  Since 2010 they have been spreading their work across the exterior urban walls of  Europe.  Their work has since appeared in public spaces in Milan, London, Florence, Turin, and Paris.

“Our art is based on sculpture. UrbanSolid was born five years ago with the attempt of bringing graffiti and wall painting to life, using the third dimension….giving the possibility to the observer to physically touch and come into contact with the artwork.”

Every UrbanSolid installation is intended to inspire reflection upon the society at large with it’s, “contradictions, nonsense and paranoia”. They approach eliciting self awareness of these states in a decidedly provocative but also respectful manner. Pieces such as giant ears with the words “Audio Surveillance Zone” beneath them make the observer stop for a moment and be cognizant of the unseen forces and societal control structures present in every day life.

“The frustration [with the Big Brother Era] leads us to the streets, hanging our artworks.  Our aim is to provoke, to get a reaction in the observer who accidentally comes into contact with our sculptures.  We make fun of the condition of the modern human being.”