ACTS Rednaxela

Mid-Levels Hong Kong

1The ACTS Rednaxela redefines the golden standard for one of the most iconic and unique typologies of Hong Kong’s urban landscape, the Pencil Tower: a single medium-rise tower with a very compact footprint. ACTS is located in a charming mid-level neighborhood marked by vibrant greenery and adjacent to historic buildings. Conveniently positioned within walking distance of the Central Business District and Soho, the ACTS offers prime location for both business and sightseeing travelers.

This marvel of ultra modern architecture offers 15 full-floor suites (approximately 400 sq. ft.) and two duplexes (approximately 800 sq. ft.), as well as podium roof terraces, an 8.5m plunge pool, and Jacuzzi. At the base of the tower above the ground floor there is a private spa and a private dining area. On the ground floor there is a public café, which offers outdoor seating without the commotion of vehicular traffic – a rare treat in Hong Kong!

2The unique architecture and chic interior design of each suite melds the interior and exterior aspects of each suite into a harmonious holistic synergy. The optimized spacial elements in the layout of each apartment are accentuated by the exceptionally large windows and balconies, thus creating a spacious environment pleasantly illuminated by ambient light.

3ACTS Rednaxela provides 15 long stay, luxurious, and exclusive serviced apartments and two lavish duplexes. The tower also offers the finest amenities for the most discerning Hong Kong traveler.

4Each exclusive apartment takes full advantage of the building’s geometry with panoramic views of the city and balconies. The large windows are lined inside with spacious multi-task desks and exterior planter boxes.

5In desirable contrast to conventional bathroom windows, ACTS Rednaxela showers are lined with 2.7m translucent windows, which flood the shower and toiletry spaces with natural light. Contemporary spacial boundaries are blurred, as each dimension is pulled to the limit in this logistical masterpiece of housing.

6Marvelous innovations of futuristic efficiency, such as the sliding entertainment center wall that reveals the kitchenette and hidden bathroom, provide practical solutions for optimal use of space.