Caminho Niemeyer

Niemeyer Way

The Niemeyer way is a collection of cultural facilities designed by Caique Niemeyer and the late acclaimed architect Oscar Niemeyer for the revitalization of the waterfront along Guanabara Bay in Niteroi, Brazil.

The plans for the cultural outpost include the designs for ten structures, six of which have been completed, and the seventh is currently under construction:

1) The Museum of Contemporary Art in Niteroi
2) JK Square
3) The Memorial Roberto Silveira
4) The Terminal of Charitas Barges
5) The Teatro Popular in Niteroi
6) The headquarters of the Oscar Niemeyer Foundation
7) The Center of the Brazilian Cinema

915hybzmThe Popular Theatre manifests the sensual curves reminiscent of Neimeyer’s style with the characteristic white cement highlighting the vibrancy of the yellow and red murals.

3knkfs0s The inner theatre is accompanied by the adjacent space beneath the exterior ramp providing additional seating area for an increasingly spacious open-air theatre.

h2xgo58rSweeping walkways emphasize the importance of appreciating the surrounding landscape while visiting the theatre.

svkazjzlNiemeyer’s deft use of clean white concrete draws attention to details often overlooked by other architects, such as the aesthetic potential of glass surfaces such as windows.

82oripouSeemingly spontaneous murals lend humanity and desirable contrast from function to geometric planes.