Centro de Pesquisas Marinho

The Buzios Aquarium

The aquarium and marine research center in Buzios is the world’s first partially submerged aquamarine structure. Caique Niemeyer, great-grandson of legendary Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, conceived the project. Caique came up with the idea as a means to diversify the beach-based tourist industry in Buzios. The complex also includes a university of oceanography and a marine research center. On December 20th, 2010, just days after celebrating his 103rd birthday, Oscar and great-grandson Caique presented their designs to the enthusiastic Mayor of Buzios, Mirinho Braga. The positive opinion of architect and urban planner Mauricio Pinheiro, influenced Braga’s enthusiasm for the project by pointing out that aquariums are enormous tourist attractions in other nations around the world, and that the “Niemeyer Effect” would greatly benefit the city’s economy. Braga was eager to employ the “Niemeyer Effect” to invigorate his city’s tourist industry, and said that he wanted to be an active participant in finding a home for the complex. PastedGraphic-1-2The dome, 40 meters in diameter, was not initially intended to resemble a fish. PastedGraphic-1-34The large submerged hall gives visitors the sensation of being under the sea. PastedGraphic-2-1 An overhead blueprint displays the extensive university classroom layout and interior features of the dome. PastedGraphic-1-4Classrooms are lined with glass walls providing visitors with an expansive atmosphere and fantastic view.