Chow Sang Sang Beijing Sanlitum Flagship Store

A Lustrous Building for a Lustrous Brand

In 1973 Chow Sang Sang became the first jewelry store to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Since then Chow Sang Sang has risen to become the leading jewelry manufacturer and retailer in Greater China, owning over 350 branches.


“It is the inspiration behind our vision to provide joy to our customers through exemplary jewelry, quality service, a commitment to uphold consumer rights and a continuous quest for self-improvement.”

Chow Sang Sang commissioned the brilliant mind of Gary Chang to design their flagship store in a grandeur befitting their brand.  The product of this endeavor is a building of eloquent and unique design.


The three-story interior dazzles visitors with a staircase that mimics display cases and thus blurs the distinction between the identity of each plateau and the horizontal path.


The attention grabbing contours of the exterior are a sharp divergence from the ordinary as a lace graphic pattern gives fluctuating effects to perception.  From one vantage, the building appears to be intentionally crumpled, wherein the illusion seems structurally impossible.


Looking at the building from another perspective it mimics the smooth façade of a diamond.  Onlookers will also note that by day the exterior resembles a glistening gemstone, and by night it transforms to resemble a glowing lantern.