Exploring the Power of Projection Art


Pioneering projection artist and photographer Clement Briend has created a unique method which he uses to light up the night with images placed upon a variety of complimentary backgrounds.  His work mimics the creative advertising that surrounds urbanites, but instead of selling a product or service, Briend’s pieces simply enhance their surrounding environment with beauty and inspiration.

Between 2008 and 2013 Clement Briend displayed his projection art in cities across Europe including Niort, Dijon, and Paris in France, and Berlin, Germany.   Briend’s work graced a myriad of surfaces from graffiti covered urban ruins to tree tops and subway corridors.

“These images are attached to confuse on the same plane two dissimilar natures spaces: one from the recording of reality and a second made by the projection of my eye.”

The images that Briend shared with the world from his mind’s eye in these innovative cityscapes ranged from roman structures to an actual human eye.  Briend’s work gives ordinary and uncelebrated urban spaces a dreamlike quality.  The French artist enjoys touching peoples lives by altering perceptions.

“Projections then become images that inhabit the city to transfigure our perception.”

Briend was particularly drawn to the atmosphere of contemporary Berlin for his artwork.  As he puts it, “the city is in perpetual renewal”.  This environment attracted Briend as he wanted to project the cultural spirit of Berlin upon its urban structures.

“By the feeling of freedom that emerges, Berlin has become an ideal territory to achieve its life dream.”


Appropriated positioned in a place of continuous transportation, a traveling couple towers over railroad tracks.


A classical countryside image portraying a home and stone arch bridge miraculously appears in the treetops.


A cleverly placed stairwell to the sky improves an otherwise drab urban space.


A gorgeous skyline in perpetual sunset appears to extend the nighttime cityskyline.


Roman columns brighten up an underpass and even make the street graffiti appear wildly more interesting.


A pleasant daytime cloud painted sky provides a dreamy compliment to the clouded night sky.


Part of the magic of Briend’s work is the crystal clear detail captured in his beautiful projections.


One of Briend’s most awe-inspiring pieces is the Roman columns that come alive in dimension and grandeur upon a background of trees.


Brilliant colors and vibrant images light up the night in an homage to graffiti and call to humanity.


A three story countenance of defiance stares out across the city skyline.


Empty walls highlighted with projections can revitalize the nighttime cityscape.


A touching nostalgia-inspiring projection of children’s palm prints beautifies a stone arch.