Metallic Art Imitating Life


David Cerny’s Crychloids are larger than life humanoids frozen at play on and around the Miura Hotel in the Czech village of Celadna.  The silver shining cubic characters are the perfect accents to the sharp-edged steel structure of the hotel which mimics the pointed backdrop of the Beskydy Mountains.

The Miura Hotel is an ultra modern spa facility with interior walls featuring high end art from the likes of Andy Warhol, so it is only fitting that the exterior is a playground for the amazing work of David Cerny.  Crychloids appear around the Miura hotel like giant luminous beings possibly here from another planet in order to enjoy a scenic holiday.

2410_dsc_5320Whether this Crychloid is about to push the Miura hotel over, or is simply checking in on some hotel guests through a window, he is a creative marvel of modern art.

exterier_sculptures-of-david-cerny02-largeThe feminine Crychloid lounges in a fountain creating a multidimensional spectacle as one of her companions considers scaling the hotel exterior.

original_mimi_upravaThis Crychloid enhances the hotel rooftop by capturing the sky in its own reflection as it appears to enjoy the best view of the Beskydy Mountains that the hotel has to offer.