Engenho’s Beach House

Urban Materials Immersed in Nature

World-renown architect Rodrigo Ohtake is one of today’s most prominent neo-futurists.  His work manifests the fluidity and celebration of curvature that has defined cutting edge architecture in Brazil for over a century.  Ohtake incorporates the conventionally deemed “urban” materials of concrete and glass in new and innovative ways where his architecture fuses form and function with artistic solutions.  In 2007 Rodrigo was commissioned to collaborate with his father architect Ruy Ohtake to reinvent a beach home in Sao Paulo State, Brazil called Casa no Engenho.

Sao Paulo is a lush coastal region, and Ohtake’s creation seeks to embrace the tropical flora and fauna that surround the apartment building.  The father and son team developed the design plans with consideration to preserving the beautiful trees thriving in the immediate vicinity of the structure.  After providing for the preservation of these regional treasures, they set out to create an environment for the home’s residents that gives a sense of immersion in the natural setting.

An opaque concrete façade hides the yard area from the street providing privacy, and hides the street from the yard for an increased degree of serenity.  The home is opened to the nature outside through great glass portals.  A long and fantastic terrace gives occupants the sensation of the wooden deck and trees eradicating borders between indoors and out.  Generous sunlight and an array of vibrantly bright colors wash the environment with warmth and happiness.

secondlevel_foto1 The open design of the grounds lends grandeur to the exterior space while maintaining a sense of universal accessibility.

secondlevel_foto2 Sprawling cement surfaces and fixtures are a cooling element of supreme resilience to sandy feet, and the lively colors illuminated by generous amounts of sunlight maintain a refreshing environment.

secondlevel_foto3 Flowing contours in floor layout and furniture designs give the home a languidly natural feel and the tremendous glass wall expands the impression of spaciousness.

secondlevel_foto4 Vibrant colors and cement compliment each other nicely and the stairwell construction allows for maximum spaciousness below.

secondlevel_foto5 Curved surfaces lined with curved shelving increases storage space with the bonus of a soothing aesthetic.

secondlevel_foto6 The glass walls provide ample ambient light and an increased sense of freedom and spaciousness.

secondlevel_foto7 The building exterior appears to bend to the will of the plant life creating a sense of harmony with nature.