Girassol Apartment

The Beauty of Simplicity

In 2006 famed architect and interior designer Rodrigo Ohtake was commissioned to reinvent a rented apartment space of just 90 square meters in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  From the beginning he wanted to change the space dynamic without dramatic changes to the structure.  Ohtake addressed the challenge by creating a single piece of furniture that meets multiple needs for the client.

“Sometimes simplicity comes with big efforts.”

Rodrigo says that the idea came to him after 29 other attempts at solving the problem of space.  The solution that he came up with is a unique 8-meter long curvaceous wooden sculpture that transforms the space both aesthetically and functionally.  The ribbon shaped structure provides a couch for two at one end, and a dining room table seating four at the opposite end.

second level_foto1 The wooden material and brightly colored couch give the space a welcoming atmosphere.

second level_foto2 Rodrigo Ohtake is known for the sensual curves and vibrant colors employed in his designs.

second level_foto3 Rich reds, yellow, and ambient light make for an uplifting environment.

second level_foto4

The Girassol Apartment is a celebration of beauty in simplicity and functionality.

secondlevel_foto5 Ohtake’s work is often colored in his signature purple and yellow, providing exciting contrasts.

secondlevel_foto6 This plan effectively illustrates just how important the functional sculpture is to space conservation in the apartment.

secondlevel_foto7 The basic structure of the sculpture resembles a large malleable snowboard.

secondlevel_foto8 Even in the concept form shown here, the artistic curves and minimalist design are fascinating to the eye.