2012 Olympic Games

Beautifully Illustrating British Olympic History


In 2012 England became the first city in history to host the Olympic Games for a third time.  In order to commemorate the occasion, Ross Ashton was commissioned to provide one of his world-famous projections.

“I was approached by LOCOG and Windsor because they wanted to celebrate the feeling and emotion of rowing by taking images from real races and victories.”

The palate for Ashton’s presentation was the facade and towers Windsor Castle.  Windsor Castle (the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world) just three miles from the Eton Dorney Rowing Center at Dorney Lake, where the rowing competition was held the following week. The amazing piece depicted Olympic heroes from 1908 and 1948 and also presented triumphant images of Britain’s Olympic athletes from the last sixty years.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, commented:

“As the greatest show on earth begins in the capital, it is absolutely fantastic to see iconic images of athleticism from games past projected onto the Mother of all Parliaments.  This mesmeric light show brings to life our sporting heroes and their Olympian achievements from 1908 to the present, helping set the scene for the next few weeks, when records are smashed and new sporting heroes emerge.”

“We couldn’t have had a better day to turn the projection on and its is an honor to have my work on Windsor Castle.”



An Olympic hurdler leaps over the Wellington Arch looking forward to the 2012 Olympic Games.

Olympic rings Palace of Westminster

The Olympic Rings that have represented the Olympic Games since 1912 paint the ornate façade of Parliament.

Union Flag Palace of Westminster


The British flag unfurls across the building that has housed the British Parliament for nearly a millennium. Pic6) double of pic 1 plus spectators


A small family enjoys the projection of Olympic basketball action played across the British Parliament building.


Many of the images in Ashton’s 2012 presentation were over 100 yrs. old.


The fantastic Olympian imagery glowed against the London’s evening sky.

OLY-OPEN-CEREMONY-DAY0/  secondlevel_foto11

A British Olympic rower raises his arm triumphantly upon one of Windsor’s towers.


A moment of intimate humanity immortalized in a lustrous projection.



A crowd of spectators shares the moment of glory with an Olympic rower.