Little and Tavinho Apartment

Meeting 2 Desires with 1 Design

In 2011 Rodrigo Ohtake was commissioned to renovate an apartment to meet the needs of both Tavinho, and his wife Aline.  Tavinho wished to have a home office that did not feel like a broom closet.  His wife Aline also wanted Tavinho to have a home office, but she wanted to keep the mess of his workspace hidden from the rest of the apartment.  Ohtake deftly created a living and workspace that met both of the occupant’s demands.

Ohtake designed a curved wall to divide the home office from the living room.  In order to give Tavinho the illusion of being in a larger space, Ohtake provided a bean-shaped window between the two rooms.  The window was positioned in such a way that Tavinho could enjoy feeling connected to the expanse of the apartment space, but the office “mess” was hidden from the view of the rest of the apartment.  Ohtake used colors for additional subtle elements of division between the two spaces.   He also injected a cement dining room table and countertop in the kitchen area to leave a permanent mark of his vision upon the property.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Tavinho’s office view gives him the desired feeling of expansive space.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Vibrant color and contrast illuminate the apartment and it’s innovative architecture.

second level_foto3 Ohtake’s layout design is a permanent adjustment to the space with this cement dining room table and above the table, his lighting fixture provides remarkable ambiance.

secondlevel_foto4 This angle of the ceiling lighting fixture reveals the beautiful simplicity involved.

secondlevel_foto5 Rodrigo’s innovative designs make the Tavinho apartment a uniquely beautiful space.