Living Art

Artwork and Habitat as One


Italian artist Mario Arlati is world famous for creating art that narrates the story of the location where it resides.  His paintings work with their palettes as part of an encompassing aesthetic – celebrating textures while exploring shape, space, color and contour.

In 2011 architect Dante Benini designed a unique architectural shape for a condominium that won the contract organized by the Moscow developer Krost Concern.  As the finishing touch to this masterpiece, Benini partnered with Mario Arlati to create an artistically inspired habitat.  The two also designed the complex with exterior spaces for recreational sports and gardens to provide a higher quality of life for the residents.  The project was to symbolize the new era in the architecture of Russia and carry the symbol of the Sochi Olympic Games of 2014.  Once complete, the Living in Art complex will be included in the Guinness book of World Records as the world’s largest work of art.

second level foto1 The complex provides a beautiful mural on each side incorporating all five buildings.

second level foto2 An amazing image of the Olympic torch races across this angle of the complex.

second level foto3 Even during construction the buildings are an impressive work of art.

second level foto4 A nearby body of water lends an interesting aesthetic through reflection.

second level foto5

The name of the complex is proudly presented atop the condos.

second level foto6

Rich and vibrant color sets Arlati’s work apart from any other condominium complex in the world.

second level foto7

Every angle provides a distinct and unique work of art for the surrounding area.

second level foto8

The condos are affordably priced, and each comes with a unique work by Mario Arlati.

second level foto9

The overhead view reveals the beautiful exterior spaces provided for residents.

second level foto10

A rough sketch of the building concept is itself a work of art.

second level foto11 The models for the project.

second level foto12

The complex has a very commanding presence at night.

second level foto13

Even the interior space manifests the idea of living in art with gorgeous common areas.

second level foto14

Bright mood-enhancing colors are paired with reflective surfaces to envelope residents and visitors in the aesthetic.

second level foto15

Sculptural installations add to the fascination throughout the buildings.

second level foto16

The hanging sculptural pieces depict human harmony in interaction (one theme for the concept).

second level foto17

Light color and ample lighting create a lively atmosphere.

second level foto18

Light, color and form meld together in a wondrous synergy.

second level foto19

Corridors draw pedestrians into a habitat of striking beauty.

second level foto20

The simplicity in form and function is itself an artistic aesthetic.

second level foto21

The play between fixtures and the colorful painting on the floor that mimics the form of the fixtures elicits childlike awe.