Spontaneous Interaction with Art Becomes Art


Multimedia artist Alexandre Orion is of the wonderful inclination to consistently defy category in his artistic ventures.  Orion’s public art installations often celebrate his first form of expression, graffiti.  His artwork is always a perfect framework of multilayered meanings manipulating representation that manage to endow simplicity with elegance, or elegantly simplify complexities.  The end result is always unique and thought provoking.


Orion’s work “Metabiótica” is a beautiful blend of graphite and life, spontaneity and forethought. He presents an earnest question of subject and representation interacting and ultimately joining to create the final piece.  It is Orion’s ongoing fascination with the biological entities comprised of urban environments and their inhabitants.  In the course of a day on a city street the pedestrian traffic ebbs and flows like the blood cells pumping through an artery.   Orion presents artistic interjections into this otherwise ordinary landscape, and then waits for the unscripted and unique interactions between the artwork and passersby.  He then captures these moments of art and humanity interacting in the urban landscape via photography.  The amazing results are Metabiótica.

Metabiotica2A young boy unknowingly picks a flower while taking his stroller down the street.

Metabiotica3An elderly woman is seemingly unaware that she has sprouted wings.

 Metabiotica5This dog is oblivious to the fact that he has been immortalized with an owner whom he will never know.

Metabiotica6A cyclist has taken on a thrill-seeking freeloader at very high speeds.

Metabiotica7The most patient waiter in history stands at the ready with impeccable poise.

Metabiotica9If this falling pot were real, this pedestrian would soon be having a very bad day!