Museu Oscar Niemeyer

The “Eye” Museum


The museum’s gravity defying design was initially intended to represent the region’s beloved parana pine, but also resembles an eye, which has led to the museum’s popular nickname –the “museum of the eye”.

The “eye” features many of Niemeyer’s signature elements with sensual curves coupled with bold geometric forms and stark white concrete contrasted by vivid splashes of color in paintings and murals. At night the museum is illuminated by 400 Focal and 100 Corus floodlights, which create a simply awe-inspiring presence.

w44pi3mzThe exhibitions inside of the museum are largely considered to be the secondary attraction as the dramatic visual element of the structure itself draws thousands of visitors annually.

0i1t8zx9 The signature elements of light manipulation, water, and primary colors blur the lines of form and function between art and architecture.

y8bgbjvwReinforced concrete allows designs such as these to exist wherein organic curves meld seamlessly with geometric forms and durability.

bc8gxgwjWindows are indispensible features in Niemeyer’s designs that allow for aesthetic value and the ability to capitalize on ambient light.

66xi6g6jThe reflective and flowing qualities of water deliver strong and positive psychological impacts wherein the structure and aqua elements effectively compliment each other.


The alluring beauty of Niemeyer’s concepts is derived of their magnificent simplicity.