Nanning Bridge

Bridge by Day, Rainbow Waterfall by Night


In 2006 Suzhou Gold Ocean Co., Ltd provided the citizens of Nanning City, in the Guangxi Province of China with an amazing waterfall installation.  The Nanhu Bridge, located in the Nanhu Park is over 400 meters long, and the length of each side of the waterfall is 250 meters.  At night the waterfall comes alive with brilliant colors provided by LED lights.  The shimmering rainbow of moving water has become a famous landmark and premier destination in the city of Nanning for photographers and tourists.

Janney’s home is located in historic Lexington, Massachusetts.  Initially a 1929 New England farmhouse, the original façade of the building facing the street is still intact.  As one passes by the off-white structure, the unique modernist elements that Janney has melded with the traditional home reveal themselves.  It is as if the modern end of Janney’s house grew out from the conservative beginning as the present has been born of the past.


The soft color illuminating the waterfall creations a fantastic and dreamlike atmosphere.


The effect of Suzhou Gold Ocean’s creation is an amazing view from any angle.


The colors become more rich and intense from a distance.


Waterfall installations such as Nanhu Bridge can compliment the night skyline of any urban environment.


The majesty of the Nanhu Bridge waterfall elicits warm emotions from visitors and locals. 1995172037_d8e1139979_b

The daytime view is impressive by its own merit, but the real magic erupts at night.