Ogilvy & Mather

Creating Environments For Creative Minds


In 2012 Stephane Malka was commissioned by Ogilvy & Mather to redesign their new headquarters by les Champs-Elysees in Paris.  The initial contract was limited to designing the furniture and developing the project’s creative platform.  The task quickly evolved into a complete office renovation (7500m²).  Despite these daunting challenges, the project was skillfully executed on site, meeting emergency deadlines, and fitting an extremely tight budget.


The focus for Malka was optimal functionality for each feature of the interior design.


Conference rooms and offices featuring glass walls provide a casual and open atmosphere for guests, clients and coworkers.

Workbench: large worktables incorporate side seats for visitors or casual exchanges.

Wa-Walls”: walls with built-in storage spaces for work and passage, with both cross-sectional views and opaque sections.


Mutant Grounds: polymorphic seats, visually acting as an extension of the floor. This is an artistic representation of a dense city.  The heights of towers (cubes) grow before a real urban background provided by glass walls revealing exterior patios that open to the street. The Mutant Grounds enables flexible use of layout according to need.  The sections are extremely light, and thus easily moved to create a multitude of desirable seating and landscapes facing the city.


The ceiling and floor designs are far from ordinary, as they draw the eye (like interactive artwork) with dimension and playful lighting techniques.  The innovative designs established in the project are wonderfully appropriate for the home of the Ogilvy creative community.