One-iAdvantage Data Centre

Designing Dimensions

ONE-iAdvantage Designing Dimensions iAdvantage, a SUNeVision company, is one of Asia’s leading IT Infrastructure Providers (IIP) and is headquartered in Hong Kong. The company provides the highest quality in Data Centre, IP Network, and Managed Services integrating direct fibre optics connections, maximum data center security, and a closely monitored 24-hour-a-day operating system. In order to optimize the interior design of the company’s data center locations, they commissioned the world-renowned design expertise of Hong Kong native, Gary Chang. The One iAdvantage project requested that Gary design the interior for a 20,000 sq. ft. space, allotting one quarter of that measurement as habitable office space with the remainder reserved for housing data center equipment. The existing floor plan was one open space, which Gary found to be, “bare and empty”. Chang interpreted the arrangement of cohabitation between humans and advanced technology as a special space serving two distinctively different functions and thus deserving of a unique design. Gary installed three dividing planes of different material –a light wall, a glass wall, and a metallic wall, to delineate the distinctive zones and their separate functions.

iAdvantage09 copy

Gary Chang’s designs for One iAdvantage are so futuristic, that they resemble something from a science fiction movie.


A variety of borders provided by creative walls define each workspace.


An inspirational meeting room of reflective surfaces.


Changing surfaces and materials provide diversity in aesthetics.


Glass walls provide divisions but preserve a sense of spaciousness.

Mega iAdvantage Data Centre

Optimizing & Diversifying Finite Space

When designing the interior of Mega iAdvantage, (the first dedicated high rise data center in Asia) Gary and his team were working under tight time restraints, which demanded that the work commence before the client had arrived at a final brief.  In order to meet his objectives, Gary approached the project not as a single project but as a collaboration of smaller projects in unison:

1)    The main lobby presented linear zones, which lead Chang to employ form suggesting perpendicular movement.  Two security zones are established with large free form objects, one of timber and one of aluminum.  There are four other linear zones: the gallery, the entrance, the lift lobby, and the building management control center.  Gary’s use of contrasting materials and distinctive variations for each zone provide spacial diversity and added dimension to the limited lobby space.

2)    The center headquarters, located on the top two floors of the building, is comprised of an interplay of fins and surfaces featuring a variety of transparencies.  The lines create visual effects that shift perceptions with changes in proximity.

3)    The typical floor project for the floors housing hardware, involved rhythmic loops of reflective materials including mirrors, galvanized steel sheets, and timber.  The alternating reflective qualities lend desirable character to the corridors.


“The drastically different touches for each zone provide a montage of various spatialities in the small lobby space.” –Gary Chang


Material shifts sharing the same space indicate the shift in the utility for that designated space, and instill a sense of exciting variety and movement upon the facility.


“These spaces are generated from a matrix of lines.  All surfaces become abstract from afar, whilst their materiality emerges at close proximity.” – Gary Chang