Pavilhao Hyde Park

“A Modern Architectural Gem”

-The Times

The Serpentine Gallery is an annual art gallery hosted in Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, in central London. The gallery annually commissions international architects of global notoriety to design a temporary pavilion on the gallery lawn. Caique Niemeyer and the famed architect Oscar Niemeyer designed the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion.

Crafted of concrete and steel, the pavilion appeared more of a permanent addition to the Kensington Gardens than a temporary pavilion, and received exuberant critical acclaim.

cuk3dx9uThe pavilion resembled a casually sweeping great white “M” drawn upon the garden landscape.

g13424dnThe languidly bowing contours of the pavilion alluded to a tented stage perhaps made of linen rather than cement.

75pv3kfp The lower level provided a unique gopher’s eye view of the sprawling lawns, while the upper level brought visitors much closer to the sky and abundant foliage on all sides.

ci7vkqse On the backside of the pavilion, a stunning red wall further embellished the invigorating visual contrast of the structure with the lush greens and brilliant blues of the summer garden surroundings.

xy9v8e2u The pavilion was a perfect example of Niemeyer’s belief that every project must be simply designed such that a quick sketch could summarize the design concept.

youok4kv Flowing contours and appropriately casual lighting, gave the pavilion a uniquely relaxing and open atmosphere in the evening.