Urban Cakes

Colorful Fun at Random for the Cityscape


In 2013 Italy’s three-dimensional artistic gurus, UrbanSolid, decided to reinvent ordinary cement fixtures throughout the city of Milan.  It is unclear as to what exactly inspired the delectable public art installations.  Perhaps one of the artists in UrbanSolid was hungry, and the idea came with the daydream of a delicious lunch.  Or perhaps the rudimentary shape of a cement parking barrier simply reminded a member of UrbanSolid of a muffin.  Whatever the source of the inspiration, it lead to a series of muffins and cakes appearing at random across the city of Milan.

As with all UrbanSolid projects, the Urban Cakes spontaneously present themselves to the citizens of Milan in random locations.  Also characteristic of Urban’s style is that the installations are fully accessible to the public for exploration.  The art encourages passersby to stop and ponder the world around them for a moment, and maybe even reach right out and touch something unique and unusual.  From blueberry muffin to strawberry cupcake, the brightly colored adaptations to the cement mundane of the city delights children and transports adults to a place of childhood wonderment – if only for moment.


As many people are prone to do, a woman captures the fun of a huge blueberry muffin to share with friends and family.


A cement barrier stands out from the row as a delectable pastry.


A miraculous muffin livens up an otherwise dull parking area.


In a symbolic gesture of defiance, this Urban Cake stands apart from its rounded, cement-mound brethren.


The beauty of this cake is highlighted by the contrast provided by the adjacent stark -white counterparts.


The materials used by UrbanSolid for Urban Cakes were true to the appearance of cupcake icing texture and inspire a craving for cupcakes.


Instant fun injected into the ordinary urban landscape by UrbanSolid.