V Wanchai 2

The New Standard for Hotel Excellence

Since its grand opening in 2012, the V Wanchai2 hotel in Hong Kong has received a rising wave of critical acclaim. Widely regarded as the “Future of Hotels”, V Wanchai2 is a tantalizing divergence from mundane conventional hotel chains. The hotel is owned and operated by Hong Kong’s prominent V Group whose expertise in the longer-stay market led them to commission the world-renowned talent of Gary Chang to head the project of V Wanchai2’s interior design. The V Wanchai2 building was originally constructed to house residential apartments. The residual aspects of this origin lend structural details accommodating domestic comforts such as washers and dryers, but also gave Gary a few design challenges. Meeting those challenges with his characteristic flair for innovation, Chang injected his skills of exciting design and made the hotel extraordinary. Chang kept to his theme for the hotel by avoiding cliché such as framed Chinese artwork on the walls, and replacing those antiquated expectations with superior artistic expressions. The décor of V Wanchai2 is tasteful and minimal lending a spa-like ambiance of relaxation – a welcome oasis from the bustling streets of Hong Kong. Gary transformed the lobby into a hotel reception and inviting lounge area of inspired style and soft elegance. Chinese aesthetics are present throughout in a backdrop of subtlety. The existing expansive windowed wall did not present a pleasing view of the surrounding city, so Chang mirrored the exterior aesthetic with latticework employing the traditional Chinese calculation tool, the abacus. 250 abacuses combine to create an ornate ambient light filter and provide the iconic representation for the lounge. The lounge ceiling is adorned with drawer fonts like those found in a traditional medicine shop, and floral graphics dance across the marble floor in understated grace. Throughout the building, red and black accents contribute Chinese flavor and retinal pleasure. Laser cut patterns of birds and flowers adorn the doors and headboards of each suite. Traditional Chinese sliding screens spatially divide bedrooms and common areas. Gary also injected his trademark ingenuity into minute space and mood enhancing details such as multifaceted furniture and generous use of natural and subdued lighting. Awards and Honors V Wanchai2 was the proud winner of the Certificate of Excellence awarded by Perspective Magazine 2012, and the Asia Pacific Interior Designs Award for Excellence Certification 2012, and has been selected as “one of the Best Urban Hotels 2013”, by Wallpaper Magazine.


Efficiently compartmentalized, but luxurious and comfortable, V Wanchai2 is the apex of interior design in modern Hong Kong.


Gary Chang’s talent for maximizing functional potential from finite spaces is evident in this view of the hotel’s smallest room option -The Deluxe room (600 sq. ft.). The reflective planes and ingenious use of color and light present a serenity that is notable even in this simple photograph.


The Lattice Lounge integrates multiple elements of traditional Chinese culture in subtle and functional ways.


The arm rails in the elevator are crafted of reclaimed remnants of antique chairs from the Qing Dynasty. Given stark contrast through the black backdrop, the functional rails are literally a “hands-on” art exhibit.


Throughout V Wanchai2 subdued color schemes are splashed with vibrant red and black accents that allude to Chinese tradition while granting subliminal warmth to the atmosphere.