World Cup Closing Ceremony 2010

A First for South Africa


In 2010 the FIFA World Cup closing ceremonies at Soccer City Stadium, Soweto, Johannesburg, featured the first large scale live video presentation ever hosted in South Africa.  World-renowned Projection Artist Ross Ashton was elected to oversee the entire projection process from start to finish.  Ashton selected the equipment providers and assisted the Johannesburg based content producers of Ministry of Illusion (MOI) in perfecting the enormous projection imagery.

The show presented 55 sq. meter projections displayed onto a cloth covered soccer field.  The images were provided by 18 Christie 18K Roadster projectors which were mounted overhead into two platforms attached to the roof of the concourse along the east and west sides of the stadium.  The filed was divided into six target zones, and the projectors were configured in 16:9 format and rigged into stacks of three in order to cover those areas.  Each projector was endowed with its own video feed and keystone correction in order to eliminate the potential for noticeable discrepancies between their optical centers.  The result was an amazingly smooth and vibrant presentation.

The show’s 30 minute narrated content included soccer action imposed over breathtaking mountains, lakes, and brilliant patterns.

“It was a huge privilege to be asked to work on this, and all of the visual departments including lighting really pulled out all of the stops to ensure that it was a memorable show fitting the occasion.”


The size and scale of the 55 sq. meter projection presentation was awe-inspiring.


Eighteen Christie 18K Roadster projectors were mounted on two platforms in the upper concourse of Soccer City’s roof.


This view of people on the field with a projection image provides perspective on the enormity of Ashton’s presentation.


An international unity inspiring aspect of the show was a montage of flags from countries that participate in the World Cup.

Closing Ceremony - 2010 FIFA Football World Cup 2010 copy

A pachyderm procession onto the field appears tiny in contrast to the magnificent projections.