ASTRONOMIA NOVA capturing the lunar mystery

The moon has always held a place of wonder in humanity’s imagination. Before we even knew of other planets, the moon was always there in the sky, with its changing shape and eerie glow. Lunar cycles became important markers for time and seasons. The moon is responsible for earth’s tides, the constant ebb and flow of the sea. This chunk of lunar rock that was once a part of our own planet has fascinated us for thousands of years.

Faith captures the lunar mystery with her art installation titled Astronomia Nova, which went up in Sweden, in the forests of Värmland. The enchanting artwork is a hologram of the moon rotating, and it was part of the 2017 Artscape Festival.

The memorable piece of art in public places seeks to remind us that we are all a part of something greater. When we look up at the moon, we catch a glimpse of just how large the universe is. Our planet we call home is just a small part of existence, and the moon keeps us looking up to the skies, searching for connection, for meaning, for beauty. The moon reminds us that we are not alone in this vast universe, that there’s something watching over us.

Something as familiar as the moon can become a powerful symbol for all manner of mysteries about life and existence. Faith’s art installation causes us to pause and question what we’re doing here. It makes us think deeply about our connection to the universe and to each other. For answers to these questions, we need only look up at the night sky: just as the moon waxes and wanes, and the tides ebb and flow, the answers will come in their time.

“Over the aeons  the moon has affirmed our relationship with the whole, 
a solitary conductor silently bathing us in its cyclical weight,
a reminder that we are a part of an immense intricate web of existence.
That we are not isolated beings but made of waves, tides, rhythm, vibrations, energetic pulls and pulses.”

  • Faith47’s Astronomia Nova is a magical and enchanting reminder of the interconnectedness of all humanity with the rest of the universe.
    Astronomia Nova is an enchanting hologram of the moon installed in Sweden.
  • A view of Faith47’s Astronomia Nova, which shows the mysterious dark side of the moon.
    All sides of the moon are visible in Astronomia Nova, even the mysterious dark side.