Katy Texas Freeway Tank The Best of the Year in Water Tower Painting

The award-winning and iconic Katy, TX water tower painting by Rolf and Peter Goetzinger has set the bar for the rest to follow. The Tnemec Co. held their 13 th annual “Tank of the Year” award in 2018 and crowned the two brothers champions, an impressive feat considering the total 270 entries that came in from all around the country. Even more important than its critical success is the extremely positive response from the locals, who have welcomed the impressive new landmark to town.

Katy Water Tower Painting Highway Goetzinger
The highly-visible location of this memorable water tank painting draws attention to the small town, motivating people to take the time to stop and explore what it has to offer.

The actual size of the unique project is hard to fathom. The water tank holds 500,000 gallons and hovers 135 feet above the ground. The mural boldly includes the name of the town, Katy, in crimson and features geese. A pacific and calming image, the large water fowl remind us of the magic in the surrounding nature. Overall, the mood of the public art instillation is uplifting and elegant. One might see clouds in the sky behind the tower mirrored by the stylized swirls that blend the bands of blue and white on its surface.

“It’s also one of the prettier ones we’ve done. The colors are fresh and clean looking. People associate that with clean drinking water. The geese pay homage to what used to be here.”

-Peter Goetzinger-

This sketch gives us a bit of insight into the lengthy planning process for these kinds of extraordinary public water  tower paintings.
Katy Water Tower Painting Sketch Goetzinger Brothers

The Goetzinger brothers did not only perfectly execute the larger-than-life mural, but also had to investigate the history and desires of the townspeople and communicate their artistic message to city council in the planning process. They both actually studied illustration in university, a vital skill in the complex development of large scale urban art projects. Proposals must justify the use of funds for public works, explaining exactly why one specific design is better than others and suits the town. Another goal in the multi-layered process is to promote good relations between utility companies (in this case water companies) and the general public.

Katy Water Tower Painting Goetzinger
The design of the Katy Texas freeway tank both stands out and blends into the puffy clouds and blue sky that surround it.

“I do a lot of public art and mural work. My brother does mural work as well. That’s kind of our profession. Rolf and I are aspiring to be the best tank painters in the country, and I think without tooting the horn too much, I think we’re right up there and can compete with anybody in the country.”

-Peter Goetzinger-

These sentiments have certainly been backed up by numerous sources, but even without the critical recognition they’ve received, the brothers’ iconic artwork proves this alone. Those passing by, perhaps from nearby Houston, TX, are tempted to pull aside to take a photo and give the enchanting mural the time it deserves.