METALMORPHOSIS A Modern Wonder of the World

Outside of the Whitehall Technology Park in Charlotte, North Carolina is a towering work of installation art by David Cerny called Metalmorphosis. The seven meter tall (31 feet) steel human head’s grandeur alludes to the ancient artistic feats of Egypt. However, Cerny’s masterpiece is stunningly modern. Metalmorphosis is David’s first permanent public installation in the United States.

“I was thinking about doing something as a centerpiece. I knew that I wanted to emply water from the beginning..”

Metalmorphosis is a 14 ton stainless steel human head divided into horizontal plates that move in a rhythm of constantly deconstructing and reconstructing the human countenance. The mouth of the head spits a fountain which also spins 360 degrees with the sliding plates and lands in a pool that surrounds the base.

  • Metalmorphosis 01

    Metalmorphosis 01

    At night the luminous Metalmorphosis becomes a new vision to behold, with added dimensions created by the lights of the surrounding area.
  • Metalmorphosis 02

    Metalmorphosis 02

    Metalmorphosis is a majestic work that combines immaculate symmetry of form with the fluid elements of movement, reflection, and water.
  • Metalmorphosis 03

    Metalmorphosis 03

    The shining stainless steel structure of Metalmorphosis reflects its surroundings like an enormous moving mirror and a shimmering metaphor of humanity.