OUTGROWING getting back in touch with nature

Outgrowing by Mona Caron is a mural in the Lingya District in the City of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. This enchanting mural is an extraordinary example of the power of art in public places. In a large city like Kaohsiung with skyscrapers and air pollution, people don’t get to see a clear blue sky very often. The modern lifestyle of a city like this can get to people and take them away from nature and the environment. Caron believes that getting back in touch with nature can have a positive impact on the city’s residents and help bring healing into their lives.

The mural, on the side of a tall building, is very large,–in fact, it’s been reported to be the largest mural in Asia. Besides its size, this urban art is also very bright and colorful, especially compared to the grays and browns of the city around it. In the mural, we see flowers growing in the middle of the city, overtaking the height of even the tallest skyscrapers.

All of this imagery combines to make the iconic mural a major draw to that area of the city. People living in or visiting the city will want to stop by to see the beautiful painting. It offers people a breath of fresh air and nature in a city that is modern and industrial.

This is the power of art in public places. When art is used in unexpected places, like the side of a skyscraper, it creates a contrast with its surroundings. This juxtaposition is intriguing to people, who crave something different from the monotony of the cityscape. That’s why they want to come see it and spend time in the neighborhood where it’s located.

  • Outgrowing by Mona Caron is an enchanting and iconic mural that is a powerful example of art in public places.
    Outgrowing by Mona Caron is a beautiful mural that contrasts starkly with the surrounding city, drawing in viewers to spend time looking at it.
  • Outgrowing by Mona Caron is a memorable piece of urban art that has become an iconic mural for the district where it is painted.
    A closer look at Outgrowing by Mona Caron, showing the roots of flowers growing in the midst of a dense city.