THE PRECIOUSNESS OF THE HUNT bringing the beauty of swans in the neighborhood

FAITH XLVII is a South African artist who creates urban art with a purpose. Her works are infused with social activism and deeply concerned with social and political issues in post-apartheid South Africa. She often uses animals (particularly swans) to explore human relationships and our interconnectedness to each other through works of art that are at once both subtle and enchanting.

The Preciousness of the Hunt was created in 2014 in Los Angeles, California. In it, Faith depicts a flock of swans soaring through the sky. The memorable art installation was painted on the side of a building in the South Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.

By bringing the beauty of swans to this neighborhood, Faith contributes to the revitalization of the area. Once a rundown and dilapidated area, the neighborhood is coming back to life and being restored to beauty.

Faith often uses her art to show the power of women. Having raised her child as a single mother, Faith knows just how strong a woman can be, and how much of a difference one woman can make in a child’s life. In The Preciousness of the Hunt, Faith beautifully illustrates this concept of strong women. Her extraordinary mural is just one painting on the side of one building, yet it has the power to be a catalyst in revitalizing the neighborhood. In this, art not only represents the real world–it actively works to make positive changes to it. This is the magical power of art in public places.

  • The Preciousness of the Hunt is a memorable and enchanting piece of urban art.
    Faith’s The Preciousness of the Hunt is enchanting and magical at night.
  • A closeup look at the majestic swans in Faith47’s The Preciousness of the Hunt
    The beautiful swans make this urban art installation an iconic landmark.