Introducing David Černý

Internationally renown Czech artist David Černý creates aesthetically captivating and technologically cutting edge art installations.  His work is often as impressive in it’s engineering as it is in form and profundity.  Černý’s unique style is frequently larger than life, and always thought provoking.  The nature of Černý’s art is aimed at eliciting strong emotional responses from his audience, so he not only creates works of art, he creates conceptual events.


His Story

David Černý was born in Czechoslovakia in 1967.  He studied in the country’s capital at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague from 1988-1996.  David also won a grant from the Swiss government which led him to study in Boswell in 1991.  A traveling artist, Černý also won a grant in the United States and worked in New York City at the P.S.F. Artists Residence, and participated in the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program.

In addition to winning grants in Switzerland and the United States, David Černý has won multiple awards for his work in Czechoslovakia and Belgium.  Černý’s pieces have been featured in numerous exhibitions worldwide.  His groundbreaking art has carried solo shows in London, Rotterdam, Berlin, Poznan, Brussels, and Chicago.

Černý is also the founder and director of the Meet Factory, a multi media and cultural artists’ residential center in Prague .