Campo Santo

A Sea of Color for a Market Square


Acclaimed artist Horst Glasker created “Campo Santo” (project “Crime Scene Paderborn”) as part of his public art installation series “Art in Architecture”.  Art in Architecture brings public spaces alive with color and reflection upon the human experience.

Glasker transformed the originally grey public square in front of the Marktkirche (church market) Paderborn, Germany, into a kaleidoscope of color that enlivens the square’s environment with a brilliance that spills out into the surrounding area.  Horst used acrylic paint of alternating warm and cool colors upon 3,000+ individual paving stones across the 900 sq. ft. square create the flowing and transformative painting.  A winding yellow path guides visitors through the square.  Along the serpentine trail are large stenciled words that describe human emotions and states of humanity from both ends of the spectrum of virtues and vices, from cowardice and courage to compassion.

“The polarities in human existence are my starting point; I move between chaos and form, ecstasy and system, freedom and order, madness and reason.”


This bird’s-eye view gives a sense of the colors in Campo Santo filling the space as if the work were a technicolor fluid filling a container.



Campo Santo’s sea of color compliments the classical architecture and simple color schemes found in the adjacent structures.


Here one can get the sense of how Horst finds music even in the very basic geometry of this location’s palate.


The golden serpentine path leads visitors on a winding trail framed by words referencing the virtues and vices of humanity.


Virtues and vices fan out across a rainbow sea of color in this unique market square thanks to the artistic genius of Horst Glasker.