Light in Jerusalem

Captivating Cupola


In 2012 Luminarie De Cagna participated in the 4th annual Festival of Light in Jerusalem.  The festival is a joint initiative of the Jerusalem Development Authority, the Jerusalem Municipality, the Prime Minister’s Office, and the Ariel Company. Attracting over 250,000 visitors each year, it is one of the premier events of the Jerusalem calendar.  The festival provides four evenings of free entertainment throughout the Old City. The enormous spectator event features a variety of artistic expressions through light including light sculptures, interactive video installations, musical exhibits, street performances, fire shows, and large-scale projections.

Luminarie De Cagna’s project, Cupola (“Dome”), involved a 25x20m structure inspired by the architecture of the Italian Renaissance.  Cupola was positioned just beyond the Jaffa Gate, and lit up the night with 63,000 candle shaped LED lights.   The dazzling display stood out in dramatic contrast from the ancient walls that served as the backdrop.  As always, the splendid work by Luminarie De Cagna was a demonstration of the potential for LED lighting designs to illuminate structures in spectacular fashion in both an amazingly economically efficient and ecologically responsible application.


Ancient history meets futuristic lighting design in an astounding aesthetic.

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The lights of moving automobiles highlight the passing of time against the backdrop of the longevity of man’s great creations.  In effect, past, present, and future are captured here in one brief and beautiful moment.

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The LEDs are so expertly arranged that they appear to be one enormous multi colored light source.


The Cupola framework is an homage to Renaissance architecture and suggests the potential for ornamentation to improve upon aesthetic quality for architecture everywhere.