3D LEGOLAND SUPERHEROES Be part of the art



Lego building blocks have been inspiring kids’ imaginations for decades. Children can build anything they want–new worlds, characters, and adventures. What better way to inspire kids to get interested in art than through these wonderfully imaginative toys?

That’s exactly what Legoland Windsor UK thought when they commissioned artist Leon Keer to create some of his 3D art for Superheroes Weekend at the park. Keer’s extraordinary and enchanting 3D art has been seen in countries all over the world and shared by countless people on social media. His unique style of anamorphic art appears to be 3D when looked at from the correct angle. Even though his drawings are completely flat on the ground, participants can become a part of the magic by looking at it from a certain perspective.

Leon Keer’s 3D art is a memorable example of what art in public places is all about. His art is highly interactive and really gets people to join in and be a part of it. It makes art something that everyone can see and enjoy. It shows that art is not just for museums–it’s for everyone to see and be inspired by. Viewers are actually a part of the art, and that’s what makes it come alive.

“Every street art piece is unique and belongs to the street and its residents, the temporary fact about this artform strengthens its existence.”

  • 3D urban art by Leon Keer featuring Lego Batman, Lego Superman, and Lego Green Lantern
    Leon Keer’s 3D art display at Legoland Windsor UK featured Batman, Superman, and the Green Lantern
  • Enchanting 3D art in public places by Leon Keer featuring Lego characters
    Children can become a part of Keer’s art by standing in just the right place
  • A different view of Leon Keer’s iconic 3D art, which shows the need for a proper perspective to fully experience the memorable art
    When viewed from the right angle, Keer’s art appears 3D, but it is actually completely flat on the ground