The Art Reef Project

“Art” Foundations for Natural Growth

“Art,” we say. And we mean art in two ways: artistic and artificial. Vito Di Bari is proud to present The Art Reef Project, which artistically establishes artificial foundations for coral reef growth. Di Bari & Associates is known for unique ideas that hinge on beauty, eco-sustainability, and technology. This project is no different. We’re simply moving from land to sea.

Amazingly, artificial reefs can be installed as oversized art – a gift to the sea from us

Barrier reefs around the world are dying. This affects wildlife as well as human life. Vito Di Bari felt strongly about creating a solution, so he did. At DB&A, we’re now able to construct large stone panels from the natural environment of any given location. For our initial Art Reef project in Naples, FL, we employed nearly pH neutral concrete and Florida limestone structures. In Summer 2017, the Turtle Art Reef Project was installed off the coast of Collier County. It’s proven to be an ideal base for new corals to flourish.

See how the Turtle Art Reef Project came to be.

Corals require a foundation. They need somewhere to grow. This is how they become reefs – great, beautiful, and necessary barriers that protect our coastlines and oceans themselves. We like to think of The Art Reef Project as a way to give back to our planet. Nature is a gift, and we desire to preserve it for future generations. We’re extending an artistic eye and a helping hand to 240 million years of evolution. We’re improving the sea, coastal neighborhoods, fishing industries, tourism, etc.

Naples now boasts a destination dive. The residents are proud of their Turtle Art Reef – a symbol of endangered life and our combined effort to raise awareness and make a real difference. Tourists enjoy taking an underwater adventure: diving to witness a naturally thriving artificial reef in the shape of a beloved but threatened species.

The Turtle Art Reef Project in Naples Florida Vito Di Bari

Have a look into the future: Divers witness an underwater marvel, a vibrant deep-sea sculpture teeming with corals and fishes.

Why Restore Our Precious Reefs?

William Shakespeare once wrote, “I have seen a medicine / That’s able to breathe life into a stone…” Vito Di Bari understands that sentiment. The Art Reef Project is a remedy. A cure for what’s happening. With naturally-crafted artificial reefs, Di Bari is able to breathe life into stone and witness an eruption of marine coral colonies. Left to their own resources in rising water temperatures and pollution, coral reefs are facing destruction and death. And once they’re gone, we won’t get them back.

Past efforts to improve the world’s coral reefs have fallen short. Vito Di Bari has a better solution that doesn’t involve trashing our precious oceans.

Protecting our coral reefs worldwide is a noble goal. It is Di Bari’s vision to impact coastal cities around the globe. DB&A studies locations, extracts emblems of heritage and pride, and customizes Art Reefs that embrace individual communities’ identities. Cultural elements, iconic ideas, endangered animals – these are just a few of the points of inspiration. Imagine a coastal city leaving its mark on the ocean floor. A beautiful legacy that lives on and truly matters in the grand scheme of life.

The Turtle Art Reef project protects sea life and positively affects our coastal neighborhoods’ livelihood and tourism.

This kind of impact is vital. Enchanting coral reefs fill us with wonder, but they are also home to countless fish (about 25% of the ocean’s marine life). Reef-less waters are vast wastelands of the depths. These artistic, burgeoning worlds of coral will protect our shores, provide us with medicine, and lend themselves to tourism in a massive way. Over $170 billion U.S. dollars can be linked to coral reefs each year.

At the current rate, we’ll keep losing these gorgeous underwater realms. We’ve already seen an enormous loss. But scientists predict we’ll lose about another 30% of coral reefs in the next 30 years. For corals to reach spawning size, some species need 5-8 years. Unfortunately, we don’t have that kind of time. We can’t risk it. We can’t turn away anymore. If we ignore the signs and wait, we’ll lose our precious reefs. One of our most valuable buried treasures will vanish. And an unstoppable and devastating chain reaction will begin.

The Art Reef Project must become a global rescue mission.

See how Enrico Dini uses 3D printing technology to create the artificial reef bases.

Iconic “Seamark”

Our partners look to us for emotional cityscapes.

We’re known for designing and creating iconic landmarks. But DB&A is also now in the business of iconic “seamarks.”

Call it an oceanic nursery.

A cradle for corals.

An engineered barrier.

A 3D art installation.

A living sculpture.

A home for sea life.


More than anything, it’s hope for the future.

The problem with coral nurseries is that the growth into reefs takes too long. We’ve got to help Nature speed up the process.

When the Naples reef panels were installed, they were plain pillars of stone. In six months, the corals had attached to the panels, and a new reef was naturally forming. Today, the panels are no longer visible. They shimmer with an explosion of color – glistening fishes, bright flora in watery bloom, indispensable rebirth. In a few more years, we anticipate seeing the Turtle Art Reef from space.

Beauty will save the world. It’s our mantra. The Art Reef Project is a deep and powerful movement, and we invite you to join us.

  • Florida Art Reef Project Artificial Coral Reef in Naples FL
    In Summer 2017, Naples, FL, became home to our first Art Reef project, which is in the shape of an endangered sea turtle
  • Florida Art Reef Project Artificial Coral Reef in Naples FL
    In Summer 2017, Naples, FL, became home to our first Art Reef project, which is in the shape of an endangered sea turtle
  • Florida Art Reef Project Artificial Coral Reef in Naples FL
    In Summer 2017, Naples, FL, became home to our first Art Reef project, which is in the shape of an endangered sea turtle