Clement Briend Cityscapes Visual Artist

Introducing Clément Briend

French photographer and founder of the Politics Illuminations Group, Clement Briend is one of the world’s most creatively dynamic artists.  Clement uses projection art upon three-dimensional canvases such as trees, and then captures the unique image-sculptures in his photography.  The resulting artwork is representative of alternative perceptions and realities.  Clement’s art explores new possibilities in space and perception.  The imagery ignites the imagination with works that reflect the dreamlike reality within the human mind.

“I use optical projections to create images in reality.”

His Story

Clement Briend’s creatively innovative journey began when he was enticed by sketching in his physical science studies.  He moved from drawing to photography and became fascinated with capturing images depicting alterative realities.

Clement graduated from the Ecole Louis Lumiere in 2008.  He went on to develop his own device for creating his original artwork.  Clement used a flash projector from a Speedlite flash and an old camera to provide the images in his work.  His new machine projected large-scale images for short periods of time, and so he came to capture these with photography.  Thus Clement melded the two mediums of projection and photography into his distinct creative method.

Clement was drawn to public art as a means of drawing public attention to artistically shared inspiration much as advertising uses the public forum to sell products and ideas.  Except Clement is not interested in selling something, he merely wishes to positively impact the way in which people see the world.  Clement Briend also currently teaches photography at the University of Valenciennes in Paris.

“If I am able to project huge images seen by many people, well then I have real power.
However, I don’t have anything to sell and I don’t want to use projection only for myself.”