DAWN FISHING Using Art in Public Places to Turn Bricks into Beauty



Bart Smeets has a talent for using urban art to turn existing structures into beautiful murals. His creativity is almost magical. One of his murals in Genk, Belgium uses the side of an otherwise nondescript building to portray an early morning fishing scene. Smeets used the shape of the building in a creative way, taking advantage of the architecture to make his painting memorable.

Before the painting went up, this building was just like any other–plain bricks, indistinguishable from any other place on the street. Now, it’s an enchanting mural that attracts visitors to come and take a look. Thanks to this extraordinary piece of art in public places, the store inside the building gets more traffic and visitors who stopped to see what the mural was all about. Art in public places can be installed almost anywhere, even on the side of a building with an unusual shape. And it can turn even the most bland wall into an iconic piece of art that attracts people’s attention.

  • Dawn Fishing by Bart Smeets is a creative mural that transformed a boring brick wall into a beautiful piece of art in public places
    Before, this wall was just a boring brick facade. Now it’s a beautiful mural that creatively uses the architecture of the building.