DREAMS OF AFTERNOON How an Enchanting Mural Transformed an Office Rental Space



Dreams of Afternoon is a beautiful mural by Bart Smeets that turned an ordinary outdoor courtyard into a memorable experience. This extraordinary piece of art in public places was painted in the common area of an office space. It portrays an enchanting look at a peaceful and dreamy afternoon, giving office workers a nice place to relax while enjoying their lunch or an afternoon break.

The mural turned the existing building facade, which was industrial and gloomy, into an iconic masterpiece. We can see where the pipes and ventilation units have been turned into parts of the painting. What once was an ugly, utilitarian eyesore is now a beautiful and relaxing work of urban art.

Art like this has an amazing power to draw people in. Surely, office workers in the area enjoy taking breaks in this beautiful outdoor area. Thanks to Smeets’ enchanting painting, this is a premium office space that almost any company would love to rent. Their employees might even be more productive after coming back from a relaxing break spent dreaming of childhood afternoons.

  • Bart Smeets used the magic of art in public places to transform an office space outdoor area into a relaxing retreat with a beautiful mural that boosts the value of the rental property
    This beautiful mural by Bart Smeets turned a boring space into a relaxing retreat