Gábor M. Szoke Monumental Animal Sculptures

Introducing Gábor M. Szoke

Pairing the practicality of industrial materials with a mythological aesthetic, Gábor M. Szoke is known around the world for his gigantic animal sculptures. Gábor infuses all of his public artworks with a passion for nature and animals. His sculptures have a profound impact on the identity of the surrounding architectural environment.

Gábor uses stainless steel and hardwood to create his oversized, awe-inspiring animal sculptures. These materials are extremely durable and easy to maintain, so the artwork can be enjoyed for many generations to come. Millions of people all over the world have seen and enjoyed his artwork, see it at gabormiklosszoke.com

“I have always liked to spark a reaction, to think in monumental dimensions, to conquer new spaces with my animals and creatures, to bring them to life. My newest project is the biggest one in my career. One of the most important sports teams in the USA, the Atlanta Falcons commissioned me to make a 22 meter wide, 13 meter high falcon in front of the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium. It is a special honor for me that I was asked to do this.”

Because Gábor depicts instinctual creatures in his monumental sculptures, his artwork is powerful, yet recognizable. People the world over are fascinated by his works, taking photos and sharing on social media with their friends. His public artwork contributes to the pride and character of the local area, and it takes on a strong meaning for local residents.

His Story

Gábor M. Szoke was born in Budapest in 1984. Since studying sculpting at Hungarian University of Fine Arts and Accademia di Brera in Milan, he has created over 100 art installations on three continents. His pieces can be found in busy public squares and private collections in Washington DC, Gstaad, Milan, Rome, Munich, Vienna, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Zagreb, Samorin, Oradea, Budapest, and many other cities worldwide.

Gábor is heavily inspired by animals, especially his late doberman Dante. He is passionate about social justice and uses his art to raise awareness of the beauty of wild animals, easy access to the arts for everyone and to support important causes such as development of children’s visual culture or campaigns for better living conditions for livestocks.

He has won numerous awards for his art, the most famous of which was in 2017 for The Atlanta Falcon–the largest avian sculpture in the world.