Leon Keer Pop Surrealist Art

Introducing Leon Keer

Artwork that is as bright and dynamic as Leon Keer’s immediately draws the viewer in. However, there’s so much more to see once the viewer catches a second and third look. Keer’s work incorporates a variety of deeper messages, like climate change, spiritual decay and individual apathy, into 3D street paintings that are simultaneously lifelike and surreal.

These paintings come from the spirit of Keer himself—his personal passions, priorities and preoccupations—but each setting’s art is completely unique. Keer’s temporary public artworks are like annual flowers, set in the ground to bloom and remain memorable after they are gone.

“Every street art piece is unique and belongs to the street and its residents. The temporary fact about this artform strengthens its existence.”

In fact, these public pieces of art make urban places into contemporary wonderlands. Ordinary pavement becomes something so magical and wondrous that passersby can’t help but interact with it—and interact they often do!

It is this interaction that partially drives Keer’s work. He has often done live-action paintings, and revels in the fact that images of his temporary street art are shared via social media for long afterward.

“His ability of performing as a street painter lets him share the joy of painting with the public.”


His Story

Leon Keer originally hails from Utrecht, Netherlands. He works on canvas and on streets across the world, and his art in public places has appeared in the U.S., Europe, Mexico, Australia, and Asia, to name a few locations. He is a leading artist in anamorphic street art and his works are often surreal and enchanting.

Keer creates never-seen-before, 3D urban art in a variety of settings, from festivals to public spaces. Since his works are temporary, they work especially well to mark important occasions or to draw extra attention to a space. By capturing images of these works—and of the public interacting with them—these extraordinary artworks can be saved forever.

To accomplish these visual feats, Keer uses acrylics, adhesives, solvents, primers and tar. He draws from a range of techniques and his approach is ever-evolving to keep up with the times. For example, he sometimes uses augmented reality and video mapping to display his iconic works.