LUNAR SHIPPING Bart Smeets Can Make Anything Beautiful



Bart Smeets can create beautiful art almost anywhere, and his mural Lunar Shipment proves that in an extraordinary way. This enchanting piece of art in public places was created on the side of several stacked metal shipping containers.

The mural depicts a child in bed with a book at her side, looking up to the sky where a full moon shines down on her through the clouds. It’s hard to believe that such a beautiful and memorable scene used to be nothing but some giant hunks of ugly metal. Smeets used the magic of his creativity to see the potential of the space and to transform it into an iconic masterpiece.

Art has the power to turn even the most ordinary surfaces into something extraordinary that attracts crowds of people. It can take a boring wall and make it a masterpiece. Instead of blending in and getting lost, that wall can stand out and stir emotions in the people who see it, making them want to come back and see it again and again.

Why be the same and be forgotten, when you can be unique and remembered? That’s what art in public places can do.

  • Lunar Shipment
    Lunar Shipment by Bart Smeets transformed boring and ugly metal containers into a beautiful mural.