NFT Collections

Non- fungible tokens are unique digital assets, essentially one-of-a-kind proof of ownership for digital files. NFTs are the future of art buying and collecting.

NFT Collections are a brand-new undertaking by DiBari & Associates. DB&A’s international reputation of bringing high-profile art to public spaces will now extend to the digital world. This initiative is curated by DB&A’s founder, Vito Di Bari, and will offer several high-profile NFT art collections.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to secure your one-of-a-kind collection of NFT digital artworks created by a studio with a prominent worldwide legacy.

Emotional Cityscapes

Vito Di Bari used the concept of a Zero Mile Marker—the iconic location from which all distances are measured—to create a landmark installation for the $1.2 million dollar redesign of the I-195 underpass in Miami, linking its renowned Design District with Midtown in a spectacular manner. It’s 96 columns feature paintings of eight of the most acclaimed cityscapes in the world. You can now purchase these one-of-a-kind cityscapes, featured in Miami’s Design District, as NFTs. The collection captures the spirit of the coolest cityscapes of the world in digital form. Miami Parking Authority, who commissioned the project, described it as one of their most creative projects and went on to say:

This project was the first of its kind for us. The project incorporated art in public places and transformed the lots into a fun place to park with vibrant colors, lights, and original artwork from designers representing five continents and reflecting nothing short of diversity and heritage.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to own your very own piece of Miami’s public artworks.

  • Cityscapes-Paris-vito di bari
  • Cityscapes-Copacabana-Vito di bari
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  • Cityscapes-StPetersburg-Vito Di Bari
  • Cityscapes-Santo-Domingo-Vito Di bari
  • Cityscapes-Cape-Town-Vito Di bari
  • Cityscapes-Tokyo-Vito Di Bari
  • Cityscapes-Beverly-Hills-Vito Di bari
  • Cityscapes-Dubai-Vito Di bari

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Impossible Landmarks

Some art ideas are so ambitious, they can only be imagined by a visionaire. Think of the helicopters designed by Leonardo da Vinci before the invention of the engine. Some artworks are impossible but still worth the pursuit. In this collection, Vito Di Bari forgets the boundaries of physics to imagine larger-than-life artworks. A collection of impossible landmarks for a digital NFT metaverse, where logistics, budgets, fabrication and maintenance are no longer defining barriers for creativity. Take part in owning a piece of the future with this revolutionary NFT collection.

The first NFT artwork, Moon over Continuum, will be an installation in my beloved Miami Beach.


  • NFT Art Studio Moon over continuum

Coit Tower was named after Lillie Hitchcock Coit, wealthy wife of the San Francisco Stock Exchange during an economic boom and one of the more eccentric characters of her age. Now that Elon Musk has decided to sell his last remaining mansion south of San Francisco and move to Boca Chica, Texas, I have created the Musk Tower in place of the Coit Tower — the location that has been described as “the optimal 360 degree viewing point to the San Francisco Bay.”

My Musk Tower is a (digital) homage to Elon Musk, his brilliant space vision and his love for San Francisco and the Valley.


  • Musk Tower Vito Di Bari

Iconic Art Installations 

DiBari & Associates has been creating iconic art installations around the world for some time now… but what happens before the big red ribbon is cut? Vito Di Bari walks you through the creation process and shows you how these installations were designed, step by step. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to own the original sketches and digital drawings of his installations.

The first NFT artwork will be his underwater installation found off the coast of Marco Island, Florida that tourism officials called a “game-changer” for their industry.” Naples Tourism director, Ed Caum, went on to add that the 2 million dollar reef project will become a destination dive that could turn the area into a scuba hotspot in his interview with NBC.


  • NFT Art Studio iconic art installations Art Reef

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