ODENSE ZOO MURALS Art in Public Places at Odense Zoo in Denmark



A trip to the zoo is always magical, especially for children. Seeing rare animals in person is so special, and it can change a child’s whole perspective on life. That’s why so many people enjoy going to the zoo.

German artist Tasso wanted to amplify this special feeling for visitors to the Odense Zoo in Denmark. Tasso is known for his large-scale, realistic paintings. His work captures real life in a beautiful and memorable way.

One of the murals he created for the zoo used a very unique design to show people the seals. The painting’s eyes are windows into the seal habitat, so zoo visitors can watch the seals swimming around.

The detail of Tasso’s paintings is enchanting. His art installations capture every detail of his subjects, from their body to their personality. This is what makes them appear so realistic and lifelike. Zoo visitors are enchanted by both the animals and the artwork, so their experience at the zoo becomes even more rewarding. They want to tell all their friends about what they saw at the zoo, and encourage their friends to go for a visit.

Children are in awe of paintings like this, and parents love taking pictures they can share with family and friends, encouraging them to visit the zoo and see the murals for themselves. Tasso appreciates that his artwork is being seen by people who might not otherwise experience a lot of art. One of the great things about art in public places is that it can be installed almost anywhere; walls, floors, or any other surface can be turned into a beautiful piece of art.

“Street art is an excellent opportunity to make one’s art accessible to people who would never go to a museum.”

Thanks to the beautiful art installations from Tasso, visitors love going to the Odense Zoo. They want to share their memorable zoo experience with friends and family, encouraging them to also visit the zoo and see the beautiful art there.

  • Tasso’s seal mural at Odense Zoo in Denmark uses a unique technique to show the seal habitat.
    Tasso’s seal mural at Odense Zoo in Denmark is a unique and memorable design that zoo visitors love to look at.
  • A magical and memorable mural by Tasso at Odense Zoo in Denmark that shows several animals.
    Another mural at Odense Zoo in Denmark that shows several animals.
  • Odense Zoo Murals
    Tasso’s turtle appears to be walking off the wall it was painted on.