Robin Wight Wire Sculptor

Introducing Robin Wight

Robin Wight is living a fantasy life as a wire mesh fairy artist. What started out as a hobby has turned into a passion for creating unexpected and beautiful artwork that captures the imagination.
Wight’s interest in wire mesh as an artistic medium came about while he was mending a fence. That’s when he realized that mesh was an affordable, easy-to-use material that was perfect for amateur artists like himself. Soon after, Wight was creating magical fairy sculptures using his newly-discovered favorite medium.

“In each fairy I try to apply design criteria, including a story, movement, some visual illusion, emotion and natural forces.”

His fairies are not like a lot of similar sculptures you may have seen. Wight likes to incorporate childlike whimsy into his fairies that makes them look fresh, modern, and totally unique. Iconic art installations like Wight’s can add value to any location, raising property values and rental
rates in the area.

His Story

Robin Wight has focused his career on manufacturing, and he enjoys solving practical problems through design. He believes that form always follows function.

His artwork offers practical beauty that is pleasing to both the eye and mind. Wight’s artwork is so popular that now people all over the world are purchasing his unique fairy sculptures.