Rocket01 Urban Artist

Introducing Rocket01

There aren’t any other street artists quite like Rocket01. His style is a completely unique fusion of science fiction and surrealism with a dreamy, atmospheric feel. Many of his works appear as if they are being viewed from underwater, with blues and greens that transport the viewer to another world that is suspiciously like our own yet never seen before.

Rocket01’s large scale works of urban art are inspired by themes of ecological ruin and the pressing need for unity between mankind and nature. Accordingly, these enchanting public artworks are filled with animals both common and rare, with human subjects who appear to be from another time or perhaps another world, one that is eerily like our own.

“I’d love to see a world where our streets, buildings and our lives are fused with plant life everywhere. I’m fascinated with the ever growing scientific evidence that consistently shows we were meant to live our lives closer to nature.”

These memorable artworks will stick with viewers for a long time. They capture an urgent message about what it means to be human today.


His Story

Rocket01 hails from the United Kingdom. His artistic career began in Sheffield, where he is still based today. He is a prolific artist across Sheffield, and his work has also appeared across Europe, including in Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria and Greece.

Rocket01 initially began working in abandoned buildings, where he was struck by how quickly nature reclaimed these industrial environments. Rocket01 went on to study fine art, and his art in public places contains an extraordinary amount of detail. 

These works provoke a closer look at the world around us. Though the themes and style are recognizable as Rocket01’s from a mile away, these works are appropriate for a wide range of settings, including businesses, public spaces, residential spaces, garages and other places where the public can enjoy their beauty freely.