Tasso Photorealistic Walls

Introducing Tasso

Tasso is an artist so adept that he can seemingly make any vision come to life, from x to y. His work uses a range of subject matter and themes, from social commentary to historical and religious references. Some works are in black and white, while others are in bright color. The subjects range from letters to animals to people. 

Each setting and community gets Tasso’s full attention, and he draws a great deal of inspiration from his own life.

“Whenever something is on my mind, it will certainly become a picture at some point. This may be lovesickness as well as politics or just something I would love to do, something to surprise the viewer. The best ideas come to me during long car rides.”

There is a sense of playfulness to Tasso’s urban art that makes it immediately attractive and forever memorable. He has extraordinary skill, with photorealistic paintings all over his portfolio, and his works are often vibrant, always clever and sometimes even humorous. 

Regardless of the focus, these are never seen before works of unique beauty. Art in public places should create joy above all, and connect with the viewer. The magic of Tasso’s urban art is that it does both.


His Story

A veteran artist, Tasso was born in Germany in 1966. He hails from Meerane, and he started painting in the late ‘80s right after the fall of the Berlin Wall. He bought his first paint marker in West Berlin using a voucher given to everyone who crossed over the wall from the East. Upon returning home, he began his street art career with his first piece in 1991. He later founded the artist group Ma’Claim. 

Tasso now works as an urban artist for hire, creating dazzling and enchanting works of art all over the world. His urban art has appeared in public places across Europe as well as in Mexico, China and South Africa. 

Because Tasso is such an adept and experienced artist, he can create works that suit almost any public space, from a parking garage to a downtown office building.