TASSOSAURUS REX A memorable and magically-realistic mural



The German artist Tasso is widely recognized for his realistic art in public places. Tasso is skilled at creating murals and paintings that jump off the wall and appear lifelike. His paintings are so realistic that it’s almost magical. “Magical” might not be the right word for one of his murals in Meerane, Germany. Perhaps “terrifying” would be more accurate? The painting is a gigantic T-rex, the king of the dinosaurs. T-rex was a vicious, meat-eating predator that would have instilled fear in any dinosaur smaller than it. Not many prey could survive an encounter with a T-rex.Many people have probably imagined what it would be like it T-rex were alive today. The idea has been explored in plenty of movies and books. Tasso has portrayed the feeling of fear in his painting. It appears three-dimensional, as if the dinosaur is running off the wall. Anyone who sees the painting might do a double-take before realizing it’s actually a two-dimensional painting.

This is the magic of art. Art, especially art in public places, has the power to evoke strong emotions in viewers. In TASSOsaurus Rex’s case, that emotion is be fear or excitement. But each artist has the power to choose which emotion to portray, and they use that emotion to create a connection be the viewer and the artwork.

  • A memorable and magically-realistic mural by Tasso, TASSOsaurus Rex evokes feelings of awe and fear in viewers.
    Tasso’s painting TASSOsaurus Rex in Meerane, Germany is terrifyingly realistic.