THE WAVE BRIDGE an iconic and magnificent landmark

Miami Beach, Florida, is known for its warm weather, beautiful ocean views, and vibrant people. But the bridge leading into the city is nothing but a bland, concrete slab. It has no personality and is not an accurate reflection of the city’s many natural and architectural wonders.

Now, thanks to the brilliant imagination of Vito Di Bari, the bridge has the chance to become an iconic landmark for the city. Di Bari created a magnificent art installation to adorn the bridge as part of a beautification project by the city. It’s called The Wave Bridge, and it was designed to complement the look of the new Convention Center of Miami Beach. The structure is made out of 350 steel sheets, which together give the illusion of waves undulating through the sky.

Di Bari, who lives in Miami Beach, wanted the bridge to be a metaphor for the waves that crash on the beaches all around the island city. A day at the beach is a memorable part of visiting Miami Beach, and Di Bari’s iconic urban art design helps visitors get caught up in the excitement of their beach getaway before they even arrive on the island. During the day, The Wave Bridge greets drivers entering the city with a simple but memorable display of Miami Beach’s personality. Instead of the uninspired concrete structure of the bridge before, Di Bari’s creation reflects the city of Miami Beach.

At night, the Di Bari’s design comes alive as LED lights turn on and give the bridge an enchanting rainbow glow, matching the excitement of the city’s nightlife. The bridge’s impressive display of color evokes feelings of magic for those looking across the water from Florida’s mainland.

When Vito Di Bari presented The Wave Bridge concept to the city commission of Miami Beach, the mayor Philip Levine had this to say to him:

“We would be lucky as a City if we ever do what you created.”

It is said that “art imitates life.” Thanks to Vito Di Bari’s unique imagination, the Wave Bridge is a piece of art in public places that imitates the life of Miami Beach, with all its sights, its vibrancy, and the excitement of visiting this special place.

  • The Wave Bridge
    A view of Vito Di Bari’s Wave Bridge design during the day.
  • The Wave Bridge
    At night, The Wave Bridge comes alive with the rest of Miami Beach, and LED lights give it a magical rainbow glow.