URBAN PEOPLE Faces Emerge From the Urban Landscape

UrbanSolid was born of a collective of students from the Academy of Fine Arts of Milan.  Beginning in 2010, they began injecting their art upon the urban landscapes of Europe.  Their creations are born of sculpture, but take the form of social commentary graffiti.  The thought process behind this design is to bring urbanites into contact with an art form that they can physically touch and experience.  There are three predominant base designs that resemble humans which the UrbanSolid uses in multiple public art installations.


Adam 2011

Adam 2011 represents the ordinary contemporary man.  He emerges from walls as a representative of his time and culture.  Wearing only a pair of sunglasses, a fig leaf, and an ironic smile, Adam emerges from many walls in many places and shaded in multiple vibrant colors.  He is often accompanied by a television screen containing images that lure and tempt Adam with images of advertising and programming.

Head Holding Nose

The Head that Holds His Nose is one of the original creations by UrbanSolid.  It presents a man emerging from a floor, the ground, or a wall and reacting to the world that he finds with utter disgust.  The stench of the society that we live in is so strong that he is clutching his nose before even having fully entered our physical plane.


One of UrbanSolid’s more dramatic works is the Televiewer.  The Televiewer spontaneously emerges from walls in the urban landscape clutching a TV remote firmly in his teeth.  Rather than appearing to be leisurely feasting on the object, the remote is perpendicular to his mouth, and thus it appears to have been forced upon him.  This is the UrbanSolid reaction to the forced conversion to digital TV thrust upon the Italian population – forcing the majority to pay more for their service and purchase a decoder or even a new TV.

  • Urban People
    Head Holding Nose is a very somber and almost disturbing sight without color.
  • Urban People
    A platoon of Head Holding Nose appears to be in formation behind their green drill instructor.
  • Urban People
    These Televiewer heads appear to be in great pain with their plight.
  • Urban People
    A Televiewer perched like a gargoyle in the foreground is mocked in it’s pain by the ignorant grim of Adam 2011 in the distance.
  • Urban People
    One does not expect to encounter an Adam 2011 around the corner…
  • Urban People
    Adam 2011’s smiling face enthusiastically bursts from a brick wall.