VISIONS OF THE FUTURE Creating a Vision for a Better Neighborhood



Visions of the Future by Rocket01 is a mural that paints a beautiful picture of a future where humans and animals live in peaceful harmony. This optimistic portrayal of the future has the power to spread hope and positive feelings to visitors and residents alike.

When people are happy, they’re less likely to commit crimes, and they work together to make their community a great place to live. This in turn attracts visitors and new residents to come visit the city and live there.

Rocket01’s art installation is in Sheffield, England. It was part of the 2016 Festival of the Mind, an annual collaboration of the city’s artists that has attracted tens of thousands of visitors as well as national and international media coverage. With all the great publicity, the town of Sheffield is glad to have the event happen each year. The uniqueness of the art scattered around town makes each neighborhood a memorable and beautiful place to live or visit.

Festival of the Mind is focused on envisioning a utopian future, where worldwide food shortage and other pressing issues have been resolved by the use of technology and forward-thinking. The event is popular with people who care about these issues, and it draws visitors from all over who want to come see the artwork and talk about how the issues might be resolved someday.

Rocket01’s contribution to this public art project is an enchanting vision of what the future could be like. Rocket01 sees a future where humans protect the environment instead of polluting it, making the world safer and healthier for all living things.

So many people are looking forward to a brighter future, where life is good for everyone and all living things on the planet. That’s why the Festival of the Mind captured so much media and tourist attention. Public art like this has the power to transform a city and bring it international attention, because people living there are happier and want to contribute to making the city a better place to live or come for a visit.

  • An enchanting and never-before-seen art installation by Rocket01, Visions of the Future portrays an optimistic look at mankind’s relationship with nature.
    Rocket01’s Visions of the Future brightens a neighborhood in Sheffield, England.