Alexandre Orion Metagraffiti Artist

Introducing Alexandre Orion

The art form of graffiti has traditionally been a form of expression that endows beauty and fascination upon surfaces of urban decay and vehicles of industry.  Illegal, and thus inherently an act of rebellion against the establishment, graffiti art has evolved over decades to reflect the human condition within urban society.  The inspired artwork of multimedia artist Alexandre Orion has evolved further to incorporate individuals interacting with his graffiti into the finished works of art.

His Story

Alexandre Orion was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1978.  Young Alexandre was a keen observer of the city as a vibrant life form that experienced cycles of change throughout each day.  At an early age Alexandre came to develop an advanced understanding of the city sidewalks and the interaction between the streets and the people dwelling within the urban environment.  This remarkable insight inspired him to contribute to the unique human-city relationship.  When Alexandre was just thirteen years old he began to express his insight artistically through graffiti.

Alexandre’s work has evolved over time to defy conventional definitions and simple categorization.   Orion’s multimedia creations include the human element responding to graffiti art through photography.  The finished pieces blur the lines of perception between formal sanctioned art installations and spontaneous informal transgressions of the establishment.

Alexandre Orion’s work has been exhibited in the Bank of Brazil Cultural Center, and has had exhibits and been inducted into the collections of the Fondation Cartier Pour L’ Art Contemporain in Paris, the Pinacoteca do Estado de Sao Paulo, Itau Cultural, the Beeldende Kunst Centrum Rotterdam, Milwaukee Museum, the Mad Museum and Deutsche Bank of New York, Padre Anchieta foundation, the Spencer Museum of Art, and the Nelson Atkins Museum.  Three of Alexandre Orion’s most renown works are Medidemonstration (Frankfurt, Germany), Lampoonist (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil), and Metabiotica (Sao Paulo, Brazil).