Derek Kinzett - in inglese Artist & Life Size Figurative Wire Sculptor

Introducing Derek Kinzett

Wire mesh may seem like a very practical thing. It is used as fencing, in, wall structures, and in gardens. So when Derek Kinzett decided to try using it as an art medium, he knew he was onto a unique idea.

Kinzett’s wire mesh sculptures are unlike any sculpture you’ve seen before. The tiny holes within the mesh allow light to filter through from every angle, producing an enchanting and lifelike appearance. Facial features, muscles, and hair look more realistic because of the way the light plays off the sculpture.

“I was interested in the effect natural light and shadow had on the surface of the material and after further experimentation with sculpting the human body as a hollow form, I found that by allowing natural light to travel through the sculpture, I could accentuate facial features, hair and muscle tone, which in turn produced an ethereal and spiritual visual impact to each finished piece.”

His work has been described as beyond beautiful, stunning, spiritual, and has earned international attention because of its intricacy and attention to detail. Collectors throughout the world are proud to have Kinzett’s works as part of their collections. Well-known artwork like
Kinzett’s sculptures can increase property values and rental rates used as art installations.

His Story

Derek Kinzett spent his childhood living in Dodington Park, Gloucestershire, England, a breathtaking estate designed and laid out by Capability Brown in 1764 and often referred to by Derek as a place of creative inspiration and wonder.
Derek completed his studies in Art & Design at Wiltshire College in 1984, majoring in three-dimensional design and sculpture.
In 2007 he launched The Inner Spirit Collection” of handcrafted life-size figurative wire sculptures and to-date has worked on over 100 commissions worldwide.