Eric Henn Water tanks Artist

Introducing Eric Henn

Every city has a water tank, and most of them are plain and boring. Some are even eyesores, especially since many of them are high up and easily visible.

That’s why artists like Eric Henn create water tank art.
Henn has painted gorgeous murals on the side of water tanks. He has also designed custom water tanks in unique shapes that reflect the spirit of the local town.

Henn’s artwork transforms ugly water tanks into beautiful art installations that raise local property values, attract tourists,
and make residents proud.

Eric Henn has been creating murals and water tank art for over 20 years. His work is featured at some of finest zoos, aquariums, and theme parks in the United States.

His Story

Every artist knows how intimidating a blank canvas can be. For Eric Henn, the blank canvas often measures tens of thousands of square feet or is 200 feet in the air–making for a kind of pressure that most artists don’t ever face.

Fortunately, Henn has over 30 years of experience painting murals. He taught himself everything he knows. Since starting his art career, Henn has painted large-scale murals all over the world. His artwork is seen by millions of people.

Henn’s amazingly-realistic murals have earned him Artist of the Year, Muralist of the Year, Tank of the Year, and many more awards.

“Every day I stop and thank God for releasing this gift in me to share with others”