Mario Arlati Large Scale Buildings

Introducing Mario Arlati

Mario Arlati’s work guides the eye through a multifaceted inspirational experience wherein he reveals the sensory revelry of not only the colors, but also of the varying surface textures.  In this way, his paintings narrate the story behind the surfaces and structures that they grace.


His Story

A native born son of Milan, Mario Arlati studied art at the Castello Sforzesco.  After graduation, Arlati continued working in the figurative style that he had mastered in school.  That is, until he ventured to Ibiza (Spain) in the 1970’s.  Mario fell in love with the smallest of the Balearic Islands, and there his interests turned to expression through the “materic” Spanish art movement.

“Art is a passion-a movement like acting or dancing.
I believe that the spirit is the same whatever art you are engaging in.”

Mario is a married father of three, and while he officially works in Milan, he frequently travels back to the quaint town of San Jose on the island of Ibiza.  His artwork is recognized and in high demand, annually selling about 1500 pieces around the world.  The pieces start at 20,000 Euros (roughly $27K USD) and are priced by size.  One of Arlati’s highest profile clients was American billionaire Steve Wynn.  Wynn’s 5,600 square-foot luxurious duplex penthouse graces the 20th and 21st stories of the renowned Plaza Hotel at Fifth Avenue and Central Park South in New York City.  Thanks largely to the remarkable interior designs and artwork of Arlati, the property sold for over $23million USD.

His largest project, “Living in Art” has been named the largest painting in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records.